Friday, June 18, 2004

Hello there

Hi. Regular updates are almost here, but in the meantime a quick word on what I hope to achieve with this blog: first and foremost, my goal is to expose people who would be otherwise unaware to what I think is the most exciting and stimulating new music, though I'll occasionally review older albums. And since I have little experience writing about music, this is also a handy forum for me to exercise my critical and writing skills, so feedback is welcome.

On occasion I may post single mp3s- either from reviewed albums, or just to circulate a track I feel is worthy of wider exposure. Anything I post will be either freely available on the web or from a release I own- and if you enjoy it, go out and buy it. Support the artist, and all that stuff. I won't be posting mp3s from Warp, Skam, or a few other labels unless the circumstances warrant it (such as a promotional-only track, or something otherwise unavailable), since Warp's Bleep service is available for streaming previews and electronic distribution of single tracks (and I think they've done an excellent, DRM-free job and it deserves support). Likewise, I'll be extremely careful with RIAA-distributed music, as I'm only a student and don't want to be sued into oblivion. If you represent an artist, label or other rights-holder and want me to remove a track, e-mail me and it'll be taken down promptly.

And with that out of the way, please enjoy the reviews and commentary.

Which aren't ready yet. So, um, go away.


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