Friday, July 02, 2004

A couple of (slightly old but nonetheless very good) downloadable mixes

First, from a few months back (I think), Mike Paradinas (aka ╬╝-ziq)'s "Watermelon Thievery Mix"- 60 minutes of very nice jungle. He's also running a competition at the Planet Mu homepage- you can win an autographed Am╬╝nition t-shirt if you send him the most accurate tracklisting. Good luck if you intend to try it...
"Watermelon Thievery Mix" BitTorrent link

And DJ /rupture's Gold Teeth Thief mix, which has been around for ages but is well worth linking for those who haven't heard it yet.
Gold Teeth Thief mp3 downloads and tracklisting
Also be sure to grab his song "High Resolution."

Planet Mu
Negrophonic and DJ /rupture
Buy Gold Teeth Thief from Tigerbeat6 (Only a few hundred copies made, but they're still available. Tigerbeat6 mail order is dirt cheap, too, so it's well worth digging around to see what you can find.)

A review will be posted before Sunday or I'll eat my hat.


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