Monday, July 05, 2004


No review today, probably. Sorry about that. I would eat my hat as I said I would, but ha! I have no hat!

There is some good stuff out there at the moment that's well worth your downloading/listening/etc, though:

1. This week's Solid Steel show is a great one- Rjd2's mix is a bit staid and traditional, but still damned good, and Strictly Kev dropping George Carlin into his mix (part 4 of the show) is a nice touch.

2. Joost of the inestimable is hosting some fantastic mp3s right now- three tracks from DJ Shadow's 2002 tour that don't show up on the set documented on his (fantastic) In Tune and On Time live DVD. And also a complete DJ Shadow live set in Nottingham. Get them here.

3. And some great music blogs that I'll be adding to the right-hand sidebar ASAP: Scissorkick, I'm Losing My Edge, and Teaching the Indie Kids to Dance Again.

And since I'd feel negligent if I didn't at least offer an mp3, here you go:

Team Shadetek, "Cold as Ice/Gantz_Graf"
M.O.P mixed with Autechre's completely insane "Gantz_Graf." And it works, sort of. From Team Shadetek's WSHT: Radio Mix CD on Violent Turd Records out of *cough* "New Zealand" *cough*. Yes. New Zealand. I'm not really feeling Shadetek's debut release on Warp (the Burnerism EP), but this mix is fantastic. Lots of hyperactive, nasty hip-hop, ragga and IDM mixed and mashed up in all kinds of inadvisable ways, and arguably conveying the Shadetek aesthetic better than their own original music. And there's another Autechre appearance for those of you who, like me, can't get enough of Rob 'n' Sean, with "Netlon Sentinel" pitted against Ghostface's "Stroke of Death."

Also, I've taken down the first two downloads (M.I.A and LFO vs. Dizzee Rascal) for bandwidth reasons. If you still want them, though, just email me or leave a comment and I can AIM them to you.

Buy WSHT: Radio Mix (from Tigerbeat6)
Change Agent, comprising Team Shadetek, amazing graf artist Swoon, and others. Nose around a bit, it's good stuff.


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