Monday, August 09, 2004


Sorry for the late update- my computer's been giving me trouble, specifically the all-important network card, which has been developing charming new eccentricities at an alarming rate. Anyway, here's the song for today:

DJ Signify, "Winter's Going" (Instrumental)

The first single from DJ Signify's debut album, Sleep No More, stripped of Buck 65's verse. Signify's production can stand on its own, though, and this is a good example.

(Yeah, between this and the Chris Clark earlier, it kind of looks like I'm riding Warp's jock for promos or something, and while I certainly wouldn't mind but rest assured these are just what I have in my CD wallet at the moment. There's more variety coming soon, with some Sound-Ink stuff, some Massive Attack rarities, and some microhouse.)

Links and things

A great animated video for Dabrye's "Smoking the Edge"

The video for Dizzee Rascal's new single...not sure I like the smoother sound, but it's solid.

According to Home Video's site, they'll be releasing a new 5-song EP on vinyl and (yes!) CD in early fall, called Citizen. And speaking of irrationally hated Warp acts, Gravenhurst will be releasing the Black Holes in the Sand mini-album in early October.

The Fabric London page for Michael Mayer's mix includes two exlcusive radio mixes by Mayer- in Realmedia, unfortunately, but nicely high-quality nonetheless.

Here's the cover to Interpol's upcoming Antics album.


Completely non-music-related, but if you haven't seen Bruce Robinson's How to Get Ahead in Advertising, do it. I caught it on cable today, and haven't enjoyed a black comedy this much since Being John Malkovich or Robinson's own Withnail and I. It has some fairly serious structural problems, but Richard E. Grant is fantastic and the script is wonderfully nasty.


At 3:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

DJ Signify is a nice tune - i like it and canĀ“t await the massive attack rarities.

patience is a virtue.

herr k. from *totally fuzzy*


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