Monday, July 19, 2004

Still not dead

Some minor updates- changed out the Current Listening sidebar and added a few links. Probably going to mess with the site template, and oh yes, write some content soon.

Keep an eye on the BBC's One World show- this Thursday they're broadcasting mixes from DJ Shadow and The Album Leaf.

Also: the movie doesn't hit the States until September (better late than never, but still annoying) but the soundtrack to Shaun of the Dead is freaking great. Especially the Kid Koala remix of "The Gonk" (the shopping mall music from the original Dawn of the Dead) and I Monster's insanely chirpy "The Blue Wrath." And it has Queen!

If the rest of I Monster's full-length album (Neveroddoreven) stays as catchy without lapsing into novelty, then I might have to check it out. PlayLouder like it, which is a good start, but I can't find anything substantial about it anywhere else...


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