Saturday, April 09, 2005

Weird Shit Saturday

Gorillaz feat. Dennis Hopper, "Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head" (from Demon Days)

MF Doom feat. MC Paul Barman, "Hot Guacamole" (from the MM..Leftovers rarities comp)

[yeah, I know Barman is annoying as hell, but give it a shot, he's pretty amusing here. and it's produced by Prince Paul, of all people. real text goes here later]

On the other hand, what I've heard from the new Nine Inch Nails is pretty disappointing- while it's nowhere near as self-indulgently asstastic as The Fragile, it still kind of fails to recapture the fun of the first two albums (I'm not counting Broken here, too much poorly-mixed guitar and not enough keyboard action on that one). But! There's another album coming out fairly soon that is not only an acceptable dancey-industrial substitute, but actually really damn good on its own merits! Here's a full track:

Kill Memory Crash, "American Automatic"

The full tracklisting and some clips are available here. This is a significant improvement on the already impressive When the Blood Turns Black EP- I'm pretty excited.

And via Mr. Trick, whose archives I'm catching up on after, um, forgetting to check for over two months, a couple of TTC-produced TTC bootlegs (like their earlier Dizzee Rascal vs. "Dans Le Club" boot):

Do Or Die vs "Batard Sensible"
"In Da Club" vs "Dans Le Club"

Here's a track from the "mysterious" Box Codax (actually The Dude From Franz Ferdinand, No Not That One, I Think Maybe The One With The Hat? Okay, A Dude From Franz Ferdinand). Nothing shockingly new or innovative or whatever, but it's a nice goof on Morricone and "House of the Rising Sun" and hell, it's free. Take it! Go!

And here's a stream of Autechre's latest LP, Untilted. Haven't gone through all of it yet, but the first few tracks are nice. It's still dry and clicky and academic- the warm synth gooiness of Amber is gone, never to return, alas- but they seem to be rediscovering this "rhythm" and "having a fucking point" thing, without the half-assed compromise of Draft 7.30. Naturally this means that the IDM list, We Are The Music Makers, etc. are up in arms and have pre-emptively declared it crap. WE CARE NOT FOR FUN! WENCH! MORE CLICKING AND BURBLING! Anyway, I still wish they'd follow through on the promise of the Gantz_Graf b-sides, but I'll take what I can get.


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