Sunday, November 21, 2004

Comment allez-vous?

Sorry for the long absence. As penance, tonight's post features twice the usual number of mp3s:

TTC, "Codeine" (from Batards Sensibles)

TTC's new LP (Batards Sensibles, or Sensitive Bastards for those who don't parlez the Français) takes an interesting approach and moves closer to the mainstream by almost totally ditching "traditional" samples and scratches in favor of more electronic production, and it works astonishingly well. "Codeine" is one of the standout tracks, produced by Para One. Batards doesn't come out in the US for a few months, unfortunately, but you can bet I'll be picking it up when it does...
(buy Batards Sensibles)

Diplo, "Percão (feat.Pantera Os Danadinhos)" (from the "Diplo Rhythm" 12")

This is one of the three original tracks present in medley form as "Diplo Rhythm" on Florida and in full on the new Diplo Rhythm 12". "Percão" features Pantera Os Danadinhos, about whom I know absolutely nothing save that they're (she's? he's?) involved somehow in the Brazilian baile funk scene (for more, check out Diplo's superlative Favela On Blast mix CD).
(buy "Diplo Rhythm" 12"; buy Florida; buy Favela On Blast)

Pixeltan, "That's The Way I Like It" (from DFA Compilation #2 / the "Get Up/Say What" 12")

Picking a single selection from DFA's second compilation was difficult in the extreme- somehow three CDs doesn't seem enough. And despite the presence of excellent tracks from label mainstays (one rarity and a remix each from The Rapture and Black Dice, and no less than three from The Juan MacLean), the real standouts are the new signings and unknowns. Black Leotard Front's gleefully pervy "Casual Friday," two mixes of J.O.Y.'s "Sunplus," which comes off as a more rhythm-fixated Boredoms or OOIOO, Gavin Russom & Delia Gonzalez, whose two tracks smack of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and Meddle-era Pink Floyd, and a new collaboration with Liquid Liquid (!) make it the best compilation yet released this year. "That's The Way I Like It" is one of the b-sides from Pixeltan's pounding "Get Up/Say What" single, and rides along this fucking amazing fuzzy bass skronk and some of the best drum work on the entire label (courtesy of Black Dice's Hisham Bharoocha). Yum.
(Buy DFA Compilation #2 or "Get Up/Say What" 12")

Luke Haines, "Oliver Twist" (from The Oliver Twist Manifesto)

Not as recent as tonight's other three songs, but a long-standing favorite of mine. Luke Haines, a relative unknown in the US, is one of the strangest and most wonderful of pop musicians, like some horrible genetic experiment to combine the DNA of Morrissey, Mark E. Smith, Guy Debord and a rabid bull terrier. Responsible for quite a lot of albums with the Auteurs, Black Box Recorder, and a one-off project as Baader Meinhof (about which I will be posting more later), 2001's The Oliver Twist Manifesto (Or, What's Wrong With Popular Culture) was his first proper solo album (after a half-vocal/half-score album for the disappointing film adaptation of B.S. Johnson's Christy Malry's Own Double-Entry), and is the perfect distillation of everything Haines. Obtuse metaphor, clever references, insinuating melodic hooks, and gallons of bile, but this time with startlingly modern pop production, even by 2004 standards. For more information, check out The Luke Haines Resource.
(buy The Oliver Twist Manifesto)


At 10:15 PM, Blogger Paul Irish said...

Great great songs posted today, all four.
I'm especially diggin this crazy TTC.

Diplo is Wes Pentz from Philly. He's currently touring with RJD2. After being completely blown away by his first unreleased album, Sound and Fury, I had the pleasure of repeating the process with his recent release of Florida. I actually spoke with him for a half-hour after his show -- cool cat, he is.

This is my definite favorite song he's put out this far. me an IM and I'll set you up with some more.

At 2:16 PM, Blogger kek-w said...

Black Leotard Front = Delia & Gavin, but you prob. already knew that.

At 2:56 PM, Blogger Ryan said...

Paul: glad to hear you like the songs...tomorrow's (Friday's) update will have an interesting Diplo-related track. And thanks for the linkback- you've got great taste, and Aurgasm is going straight into my links sidebar.

At 2:58 PM, Blogger Ryan said...

Kek-w: Didn't know that, actually. Thanks- the only info I could find on BLF was this article that mentions an inflatable limousine sculpture they're responsible for.

At 3:55 AM, Blogger darwin said...

IMO, Diplo is over-blown. He's a pretty good DJ, but his "Florida" album didn't excite me much. Certainly not enough to justify the massive hype dude is recieving.

The edIT album is at least twice as good as "Florida" and for some reason nobody's talking about it.. My theory is that Diplo has that "I'm from the south" mystique going for him..


At 3:51 AM, Blogger Ryan said...

Dunno about massive, but yeah, most of Diplo's hype seems based on his Hollertronix work and strong mixtapes (Rjd2, Favela, M.I.A., etc.). He does bring a few new things to the table, though- the "Tour de France" electro stuff and great verses make "Diplo Rhythm" a damn fine single, and I really dig "Summer's Gonna Hurt You." That said, Florida is definitely overlong and padded out- it could stand to lose two or three tracks at the very least.

And the edIT album seems like it's more part of the more overtly electronic Dabrye/Prefuse strain than relatively straightforward Shadow/Rjd2/etc MPC stuff. Still great, but significantly different enough that it's an apples-to-oranges comparison...

At 10:17 PM, Blogger darwin said...

The "tour de france" electro stuff on "Diplo Rhythm" is actually a sample of a Commodore 64 song. I'm trying to contact the original musician, and I'll be posting his opinion as soon as I do. I've heard the original (3 voices, 8bit) track and I'll say simply that IMO Diplo doesn't flip it in a very impressive way.

I agree that Diplos hype seems mostly based on his mix CDs.. but I've never really understood why mixes get DJs props as producers. Two seperate things, as Diplos ZZZ "Florida" makes clear.

I can see your point regarding edIT vs. Diplo, but Diplo's hype has him as an innovator.. an album that's like RJD2 or DJ Shadow but nowhere near as good doesn't approach "innovator" in my universe. The reason that I draw the comparison to edIT is that Diplo clearly is trying to get that soulful/evocative feel that edIT has, DESPITE the fact that edIT's music is at least 30x as complex. Flevans is along similar lines to Diplo's production, and IMO worlds better.


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