Friday, March 10, 2006

Hi there, I'd like to talk to you about ducts

So I picked up the newly-released Blondie CD/DVD comp Sound and Vision today on a whim (and partly because it was twelve bucks off the ridiculous MSRP of $25), and while I was familiar with the singles, the videos were new to me. For the most part they're standard early rock/disco videos, whose main redeeming feature is Debbie Harry being awesomely hot, but the video for "Atomic" is something else entirely. The video is your basic circa-1980 post-apocalypse deal (all the exterior shots have their colors flipped in a cheap video effect, because of The Radiations), with Blondie playing in a club filled with goofy-ass extras, entry price 25 Units. And Debbie is, well, Debbie's wearing a jacket made from a black plastic trash bag. And, aside from some rather unflattering camera angles that go straight up her nose, she still looks amazing. Of course this isn't much of a surprise, given that she can look great in a dress made from a pillowcase and red electrical tape, but still. Debbie Harry, people. Yow.

Also: sorry for the long, looong absence, again, and apologies to anyone who emailed me but never got a response. I've had kind of a crisis about the whole blogging thing lately, and thought about shutting it down entirely, but decided it would be better if I just got off my lazy ass, stuck to a regular update schedule, and spent less time worrying about my writing and second-guessing my own taste in music and more time finding exciting new stuff to post about. And so, from now on, there will be updates with mp3s on Monday and Friday of each week. Really, I swear. And I don't have a convenient excuse about not returning emails, that was just me being an inconsiderate dick. If there are any repost requests I've ignored (and you're still willing to read this), send them my way and I'll do my damnedest to get the songs out there with YSI, Megaupload, Gmail or whatever.

Last of all, here's a (distressingly short) list of all the songs I've posted in the last year and a half or so of blogging:

MIA- Fire Fire (6/18/04)
LCD Soundsystem- Tribulations (6/29/04)
Tes- Trigga Tha Whistla (Black Dice remix) (6/29/04)
Team Shadetek- Cold As Ice/Gantz_Graf blend (7/05/04)
Boards of Canada- XYZ (7/05/04)
Chris Clark- Alaska (1998 Tiny Person) (8/06/04)
David Sylvian- Late Night Shopping (8/11/04)
Elliott Smith- A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free (early version) (8/11/04)
Mutamassik- Gulf Rock Mix (8/13/04)
Daedelus- Donnie Darko remix (8/18/04)
Massive Attack- Wire (live) (8/18/04)
Hood- You Show No Emotion At All (8/25/04)
R3mote- Freefall (8/25/04)
Marianne Faithfull- Working Class Hero (8/31/04)
Gravenhurst- The Diver (8/31/04)
The Avalanches- Frontier Psychiatrist (9/02/04)
Alan Splet- Space Travel With Changing Choral Textures (9/02/04)
Taco- Puttin' on the Ritz (9/05/04)
The Shins- Baby Boomerang (9/11/04)
The Durutti Column- Sketch For Winter (9/11/04)
I Monster- Hey Mrs (9/19/04)
Clinic- Porno (9/19/04)
Rjd2- Weatherpeople instrumental (10/04/04)
DJ Signify & Six Vicious- Bring Me Coffee Or Weed (10/04/04)
Tones On Tail- Shakes (10/19/04)
TTC- De Pauvres Riches (10/19/04)
David J- Vicious Cabaret (10/21/04)
Sinister Ducks- March of the Sinister Ducks (10/21/04)
Clinic- TK (alternate studio version) (11/02/04)
Flying Saucer Attack- Outdoor Miner (11/02/04)
Luke Haines- Oliver Twist (11/21/04)
Pixeltan- That's The Way I Like It (11/21/04)
Diplo feat. Pantera Os Danadinhos- Perc√£o (11/21/04)
TTC- Codeine (11/21/04)
David Shrigley- Don'ts (12/04/04)
Rare Bird- Beautiful Scarlet (12/13/04)
Julian Fane- Joyce Lang (12/13/04)
Bran Van 3000 feat. Momus- More Shopping (3/04/05)
Hot Chip- No More Master (3/04/05)
Vitalic- Trahison (3/19/05)
Six Finger Satellite- 30 Lashes (3/19/05)
Gorillaz- Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head (4/09/05)
MF Doom feat. MC Paul Barman- Hot Guacamole (4/09/05)
Scott Walker- Man From Reno (7/28/05)
Mutamassik- Immigrants On Course (8/15/05)
France Copland- Rutgerhauer Song (8/15/05)
Lo-Fi-Fnk- Wake Up (8/15/05)


At 8:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey been a fan of the blog for a bit - any chance you can repost the chris clark japan cut 'alaska tiny person'?

here's a link to some great newschool electro as way of trade:
i-f - fucking consumer (disko b)

been checkin every month or so, good to see yr back for the time bein


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