Saturday, February 23, 2008

Come with us

Oppenheimer Analysis, "The Devil's Dancers"

Quite special, this one- Oppenheimer Analysis were nuclear weapons consultant Andy Oppenheimer (no relation, I think) and Martin Lloyd of Survival Records, home of Tik and Tok. The New Mexico EP was released on audiocassette in an edition of 200, and rereleased on vinyl by Minimal Wave a few years ago. Now Clone have picked it up for their splendid Classic Cuts sublabel- it's out next week as part of the Classic Cuts compilation album and on a 12" sampler with tracks from Fockewulf 190, Trophy, and Jackson Jones ("I Feel Good (Put Your Pants On)", featured on James Murphy & Pat Mahoney's Fabriclive mix).

But what does it sound like? Like classic Italo disco, or John Foxx's early coldwave stuff, or the aforementioned Tik and Tok- incredible, that's how.


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