Thursday, July 08, 2004


Kraftwerk live! Kraftwerk? Live!

Kraftwerk live!

Download the whole freakin' concert here.

Via Swen's blog. It is mighty. Read it.

EDIT Hm. After it's (finally) finished downloading, I end up with an empty 144 meg zip file. Something, I fear, is amiss. Suggestions/help, anyone?

EDIT Nothing I've tried can get the Berlin 2004 bootleg working- however, helpful reader melaten suggests, which looks to have more downloadable concert bootlegs than I could possibly fit on my hard drive... Not all links guaranteed to work, of course, but still a hell of a lot. Enjoy, and thanks melaten...


At 1:21 AM, Blogger melaten said...

only a suggestion

it´s not really zipped and you have to change .zip to .mp3

At 1:33 AM, Blogger Ryan said...

Tried it already...doesn't work. Very odd.

At 2:26 AM, Blogger melaten said...

connection instable and dl corrupted or it is an empty file really

here are some other kraftwerk links:

At 2:28 AM, Blogger Ryan said...

Wow...that's amazing. Thanks for the link- I'm going to be digging through these for a long time...


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