Monday, August 23, 2004

This looks promising...

Super Furry Animals precede the release of 'Songbook' with a 20 minute long live version of the SFA anthem 'The Man Don't Give A Fuck' on September 20th.

This version of 'The Man Don't Give A Fuck' was recorded at Hammersmith Apollo on the last night of the band's UK tour in Spring 2004 and is not included on "Songbook"."

A twenty-minute version of their most brilliant single* and a new album? Not to put too fine a point on it, but fucking A. For those who have never heard of SFA, I'll be posting a couple of songs later today (as soon as I can find my SFA albums).

*well, maybe second behind "Hermann Loves Pauline," but certainly their most unabashedly, gleefully vulgar. Even if it's just a Steely Dan sample...

EDIT My mistake; Songbook isn't a new album but rather a singles collection. (source)


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