Sunday, September 19, 2004

It doesn't fit you anymore...

I Monster, "Hey Mrs"

Clinic, "Porno"

Again, two extremely different songs for you today. Neither of them is particularly fresh, nor is there a thematic link. Sorry for that, and for the looong posting delay, but I've been kind of wondering what direction to take with this blog. I can't really give out early copies or previews, since I'm not comfortable with downloading leaked albums, let alone spreading them, and I don't really have much of a perspective to write from, having only been into music seriously for the past five years or so. So while I work on the writing thing, I'll keep posting whatever seems like a good idea at the time.

[track descriptions go here]

Warp Films have set up a preview site for Shane Meadows' forthcoming Dean Man's Shoes. Not much to go on, but it's nicely spooky, and if the critical reactions so far are any indication, the film is more Straw Dogs than Death Wish (or, for that matter, more A Room for Romeo Brass than Once Upon a Time in the Midlands). Quite looking forward to the trailer for this, and the soundtrack looks excellent as well.

Huge blob of Skam news, including details of a new Bola album (titled Gnayse, heh), a Quinoline Yellow full-length, that weird cat compilation thing they were on about a few months ago, and a release from Mortal & Chemist that sounds like a mix CD (especially with the catalog number AMKS1).

Black Moth Super Rainbow are fantastic- thanks to Fluxblog for the heads up.

Not only is the new Subtle single the best thing Doseone's ever been involved in, to my mind at least, the video is gorgeous. Take a look.

And Philip Sherburne hits the nail on the head re: M├ędulla.

EDIT BetterPropaganda have two mp3s from DJ /rupture's upcoming debut album, Special Gunpowder.


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