Saturday, September 25, 2004

more misc.

"If ye wrote about Bono like you wrote about me, he'd kick your asses." Classic. And it's not like we don't mock Bono already...

When I linked Black Moth Super Rainbow a few days ago, I forgot to mention they have a page of mp3s. Look past the silly sub-Boards of Canada names, they're actually very good. (And "I Think It Is Beautiful That You Are 256 Colors Too" is not just a damn fine [and geeky] name, but my favorite, for what it's worth.)

Type Records, co-owned by the highly nifty Xela, has several downloadable mixes, heavy on the moody, lush electronica stuff.

And I may have linked Mr. Trick already, but if not, well, there he is again. He has mixes, boots, mashups, and excellent linkage, and runs the increasingly impressive Needlework label.

[more to be added later as I come across it or remember to clear it from my backlog of links]


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