Thursday, December 16, 2004

Miscellaneous links/mp3s

Things go back to normal next week; thanks for sticking around in the meantime. Here are some off-site downloads worth checking out:

Airborn Audio (High Priest and M. Sayyid, formerly of Anti-Pop Consortium) have song from their upcoming album up for download. It's an interesting step forward from APC's last album- much more agressive and electro than most of Arrhythmia, it sounds almost mainstream. Which is definitely not a bad thing. And their manager says there's a mixtape dropping next week, too. Nice.

A recent issue of Wired had a cover CD full of music under the Creative Commons license. Most of the exclusive material are obvious b-sides or outtakes, but there's a Blackstrobe remix of the Rapture, a passable beat from Dan the Automator, some Cornelius, an unexpectedly fun Le Tigre song, and a track from the DM & Jemini album. And everyone loves David Byrne.

Warp's front page is streaming a new Boom Bip song, presumably from the upcoming Blue Eyed in the Red Room. It's similar to "Morning And A Day" from Corymb- melodic electronic music only nominally connected to hip-hop. Still pretty interesting, though.

LCD Soundsystem's site has a video for "Movement," the single from the upcoming self-titled album. The hype for this album is astronomical, and if leaked tracks are any indication, fully warranted. It's kind of irritating that Murphy keeps up the Mark E. SMITH-uh voice for most of the album (except for the gorgeous, poppy "Tribulations"), but "Disco Infiltrator" and "Daft Punk Is Playing at My House" fucking own regardless...

Lex Records' Tes (whose Andy Gibb-sampling "New New York" was criminally overlooked, though the album was a bit hit and miss) is recording with DFA now. Glee.

And Home Video, subject of the very first post on this blog, have apparently been cropping up on the soundtrack in recent episodes of CSI. Bully for them- I haven't seen the show myself, but I remember seeing that Clinic's "Come Into Our Room" has also been used on the show, and that's good company to keep. And Home Video's Citizen EP has been growing on me lately- I'm hoping they can pull off a strong debut album next spring.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Hello all

David Shrigley, "Don'ts" (B-side to Four Tet's "Castles Made of Sand" 12")

Julian Fane, "Joyce Lang" (non-album track, from the "Safety Man" 12")

Rare Bird, "Beautiful Scarlet" (from Rare Bird's self-titled 1969 debut)

Actual writing and a few more mp3s as soon as exam week and the trip back home for Christmas break are done with. The third track is the source of the vocal sample in Diplo's "Summer's Gonna Hurt You," and a fun little oddity in itself- Rare Bird were apparently a completely guitarless early prog band, with heavy emphasis on keyboards. Neat.