Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween... the maybe three people who still have this site on their feed reader! Here's a quick mix CD I've thrown together. Nothing terribly obscure or revelatory, and it's not mixed per se (both because I don't have the software or experience to mix these digitally and because they really wouldn't hang together too well anyway) but I hope you'll enjoy. I haven't changed the tracks' tags, so you'll want to use the handy provided .m3u playlist to get them all in order. Or won't? IT IS A MYSTERY

abandon all hope ye who click here

Also, if you're so inclined, pretend that "The Devil Is an Englishman" is in there somewhere; it's a fantastic record, but I definitely don't plan on testing Mr. Dolby's patience by making it available a second time. The CD can be had starting at a very reasonable $88 and change for a used copy, or if you've got an exceptionally well-stocked used music music store nearby you may luck into a copy of the 12" release or soundtrack LP.