Thursday, September 02, 2004

That boy needs therapy which I dredge some old stuff up from my Soulseek folder. Enjoy!

The Avalanches, "Frontier Psychiatrist"

From the Avalanches' 2002 debut Since I Left You, which I am embarassed to say I missed out on completely. "Frontier Psychiatrist" is simply one of the best uses of film samples I've ever heard, and the frenzied scratching on a sampled parrot squawk about two-thirds of the way through doesn't hurt either. Very funny, but not just a cheap novelty- try this if you like Kid Koala.

Alan Splet, "Space Travel With Changing Choral Textures"

The late Alan Splet is best known as the sound designer for David Lynch's first four films; here's a piece of one of his experimental noise compositions. Headphones are mandatory.

Links and things

The DNA Lounge has the world's coolest ATM. Except for the transaction fee, which is highway robbery.

Farewell Absorb. Now I'm without a giant free magazine of electronic music reviews. Dammit.

The Robots have uploaded a fantastic song by the Presets, a new act on Australia's Modular label (who coincidentally also published the Avalanches' record and more recently Cut Copy's Bright Like Neon Love. This makes them far, far cooler than you or I. Bask in their glory.)

Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore is finally being released in English translation, though the wait until January will be excruciating.

The Amazon listing for the domestic edition of Junior Boys' Last Exit. The bonus disc apparently contains all the b-sides from the vinyl-only Kin EPs, and more interestingly, Domino's ad copy mentions a remix by Matthew Dear.

Wire, On the Box live coming out soon. This is tremendous.

And I'll be the first to admit that Doseone appeal, but the new Subtle 12" on Lex is gorgeous stuff. Give it a listen on Bleep.

Clinic, "The Magician." Don't complain about how similar it is to "The Return of Evil Bill," just bask in the weirdness of the faux-Gilliam video. And do try not to get spit or coffee on your monitor; that's just unhygienic.

Cut Copy, "Saturdays." (note: downloadable; direct link). My love for this video is like a truck. Needs more key-tars, though.

M.I.A, "Galang." We loves M.I.A, yes we do, even if we're still not particularly sure how to pronounce her name.

And I'm out of class tomorrow, so if I can't sleep (again) I'll be able to spend the time de-uglifying the blog template, updating sidebars, writing long-overdue comment responses, etc.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Marianne Faithfull, "Working Class Hero"

Gravenhurst, "The Diver"

Text later and I mean it this time. No point in doing this if I can't squeeze in some mediocre criticism to justify the free stuff. But a quick summary: Marianne Faithfull covers the John Lennon classic in a surprisingly nasty, The Normal-esque new wave style; and "The Diver" is possibly my favorite track from Gravenhurst's excellent Flashlight Seasons LP. One guy, one guitar, very subtle production, damn fine song.

Updates may be slow in coming for a while, as I'm off at school without any CDs to rip from and a strict no-P2P policy in the dorm. There's an excellent used music store in nearby Brattleboro, though, so I'll manage. If anyone wants to feed the monkey support Telephone Thing's continued sailing on the high seas of piracy, you can bid on eBay auctions (going up soon), but there's no pressure as I'm not really in dire straits at the moment.

Ta for now.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Added StyPod to the links sidebar; here's an interview with Joe Beats (Non-Prophets, upcoming solo 7" on Bully Records); Philip Sherburne has a new downloadable mix; Boom Selection continue to upload mixes; proper update later as soon as the ITS department decides that it is indeed "Monday morning."

What projects do you have coming up in the near future? Will you be working with artists other than Sage? Hope certainly raised your profile.

JB: Hope gave me the boost I needed, yes. Next is a project called Indie Rock Blues; an album where I’ve remixed a bunch of indie rock songs. I’m about halfway done with that. The next project after that will be “Joey Beats and Nobs”. I’m producing the whole album and Nobs will be rhyming every song. We are about halfway through with that one as well. That album is called Smack and will definitely take longer to finish than Indie Rock Blues. IRB should be out sometime in late October or early November and Smack months later. Also, I have a 45 dropping on Bully Records sometime in the fall. This will be me taking a stab at REAL instrumental music.

I'm embarassed to say I have no idea who Nobs is, but the Indie Rock Blues project sounds exciting...