Saturday, January 15, 2005

First Annual Bonanza of Dubious Taste

After wasting weeks agonizing over how to do this blog's first Obligatory Year-End Thing and rejecting any number of possible formats, I've decided to go with what works and post a straightforward list. Discussion/breakdown of the list in small chunks (along with selected mp3s) to follow at two- or three-day intervals, and then I can write off the whole damned thing and start writing about 2005.

1. Junior Boys, Last Exit (Kin/Domino)
2. V/A, DFA Compilation #2 (DFA)
3. Madvillain, Madvillainy (Stones Throw)
4. Elliott Smith, From A Basement On A Hill (Anti)
5. Arthur Russell reissues (Calling Out of Context & World of Echo) (Audika)
6. Superpitcher, Here Comes Love (Kompakt)
7. Franz Ferdinand, Franz Ferdinand (Domino)
8. Rjd2, Since We Last Spoke (Def Jux)
9. Annie, Anniemal (679)
10. Can reissues- Monster Movie, Soundtracks, Tago Mago & Ege Bamyasi [Okay, so this is kind of a cheat, but I've really gotten into Can this year and Mute did a splendid job on the reissues.] (Mute/Spoon)
11. !!!, Louden Up Now (Touch & Go/Warp)
12. TTC, Batards Sensibles (Big Dada)
13. Air, Talkie Walkie (Astralwerks)
14. Interpol, Antics (Matador)
15. MF Doom, MM..Food (Rhymesayers)
16. Squarepusher, Ultravisitor (Warp)
17. Sixtoo, Chewing On Glass & Other Miracle Cures (Ninja Tune)
18. DJ Signify, Sleep No More (Lex)
19. V/A, Kitsuné Midnight (Kitsuné)
20. Daedelus, Of Snowdonia (Plug Research)

EDIT Only three hours later and already I'm regretting leaving things off- starting with Phoenix's Alphabetical. But! The List stands as it is, dammit!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Back, sort of

Sorry about yet another lengthy absence- things have finally settled down around here, though, and from here on out I should be able to post regularly again. New posts start tomorrow night, but for now here are a few links of interest...

Boom Selection are generously offering up the entirety of M.I.A's Piracy Funds Terrorism mixtape.

Four-turntable DJ tag-team Haul and Mason have downloads of some original tracks and a couple of blends (Queen/Fela Kuti and Ludacris/Blue Monday).

After falling in love with Stereolab's remix of Her Space Holiday's "Girl Problem" (big up 20 Jazz Funk Greats), I started checking out HSH/Marc Bianchi's back catalog, and stumbled across their site and a few downloadable remixes, including The Faint, Dead Prez and Elastica. Haven't listened yet (no headphone port on this computer), so they may be crap, but probably worth a listen.

EDIT. The remixes are all right- a bit space-cadet-y, but pleasant enough. The files, however, are not. 64 kbps. Eww.