Thursday, July 28, 2005

Zodiac killer wants you back

I'm back- and to tide you over for a couple days until the next post (yes, really, I mean it, man), here's one of my favorite Scott Walker songs:

Scott Walker, "Man From Reno" (from the Scott Walker: In Five Easy Pieces boxed set)

"Man From Reno" is a sadly obscure gem from (as far as I can tell) a Bosnian film titled Ederlezi, in collaboration with soundtrack composer Goran Bregovic, recently anthologized on the import Five Easy Pieces box set. It's an eerie little number with Walker crooning elliptical lyrics about the unsolved Zodiac murders of the 1960's over an arrangement reminiscent of Angelo Badalamenti's work with David Lynch, especially for Mulholland Drive. The macabre (and slightly obtuse) lyrics prefigure 1995's harrowing Tilt, but it's much more accessible to the Walker neophyte.