Monday, October 04, 2004

Happy Octoberweenmas

It's October, so here's some spooky shit. Enjoy.

The full post (with content!) should be up Monday night, Tuesday at the latest; until then, here are the mp3s:

Rjd2, "Weatherpeople"
(from his tour-only In Rare Form instrumentals album)

First up is Rjd2's instrumental for "Weatherpeople"- even stripped of Cage's lyrics, it's a great listen. And film geeks should enjoy it- it's built around Italian prog-rock band Goblin's main theme for Dario Argento's Suspiria. Goblin are also responsible for the non-library music portions of the score for George Romero's original Dawn of the Dead and plenty of other classic Italian and Italian-produced horror films of the 70's.
[buy In Rare Form from Turntable Lab]

DJ Signify & Six Vicious, "Bring Me Coffee Or Weed"
DJ Signify & Six Vicious, "Get Paid"

Two tracks from DJ Signify and Sixtoo's tour-only EP No One Leaves. Excellent, dark downbeat stuff, with P-Love's stylophone, er, stylings on "Bring Me Coffee Or Weed" and Sixtoo's rapping on "Get Paid." Great as Chewing on Glass and Other Miracles Cures is, I do kind of miss Big Six's lyrical bite, which is ably showcased here. The CDR is tour-only, but it will be released on 7" vinyl soon by Bully Records (and then presumably again on the next volume of Lunch Money Singles), so no need to worry if you can't pick up a copy...

Mr Trick has released an album under his Fallen alias, Etherscape: download it here.

Complex Player's Club's "Beat of the Week" section has some absolutely sick tracks from edIT (whose Usher mix is the best damn thing I've heard in ages), Waxfactor, Daedelus, and others. And be sure to grab 8FM's Kool Keith remix.

Darwin of Nuclear Beef is offering up a pair of tracks from Daedelus's Exquisite Corpse, including yet another of MF Doom's attempts to collaborate with every underground producer humanly possible.

Nick over at Gutterbreakz has been on a hot streak lately, with great posts on "Amentalism" (crazy jungle/D&B stuff), the engineers of BBC's Radiophonic Workshop, and a compilation of Mantronix "Mega-Mixes." Go forth! Patronize his fine establishment!

If you dug the "Weatherpeople" mp3, Music For Robots are offereing up another In Rare Form track ("The Takeoff"), along with some classic Andrea Parker electro.

I'm sure that anyone who cares has heard by now, but the tracklisting for the DFA's upcoming DFA Compilation 2 has me vibrating with glee. Seriously, the Pixeltan mix is the best thing Jim 'n' Tim have released since "Losing My Edge."

According to Warp's monthly mailout, Mark Bell (aka LFO) will soon release a white label remix of !!!'s "Me and Giuliani Down By the Schoolyard." Nice.

Put some fairy dust on the bastard with the Troggs Tapes, now in handy mp3 format. Via Metafilter.

Fabric release the details of Andrew (Sabres of Paradise, Two Lone Swordsmen, Primal Scream, etc) Weatherall's upcoming mix- #19 for those keeping track.

And finally, Gravenhurst's Black Holes in the Sand mini-album has a cover of Husker Du's "Diane." Ooh.


At 3:39 PM, Blogger darwin said...

I am soooo jockin' edIT. His "Crying Over Pros For No Reason" is on my top 10 of 2004. I can't believe I missed him in the lineup for that Love Parade afterparty. I posted a track from "Crying" (a few months ago) over here.

Also, thanks for the link!


At 12:50 AM, Blogger Ryan said...

Yeah, I know- that's actually the first place I heard edIT :). And from what I've heard since, Crying Over Pros seems like everything I was expecting Savath y Savalas' Apropa't to be- subtle melodies over cut-up Prefuse-y beats. It's fantastic stuff.


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