Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Wee update

Three things:

Dead Man's Shoes trailer online.

The latest Stones Throw monthly newsletter has some very happy news- in addition to next month's Stones Throw 101 DVD/mix CD, there's a new Quasimoto single late this year, followed by new LPs from Quasimoto and Koushik (!) next year.

And Mr Trick of Needlework left a post re: their release schedule in the Ninja Tune forums:

K, thought I'd update people on what's coming on Needlework.

2tall - Shifting Tides:
This should be out in stores within 3-4 weeks, following some truly painful delays with artwork and more. Its worth the wait though - a grower-from-hell of an album, something that'll stick in your stereo for a LONG time.

Waxfactor & Mr Trick - title TBC:
Me and Waximilien are collaborating on a joint album, which will see us working together on tracks, remixing each others tracks and generally creating what we hope will be a dynamite listening experience. Those of you who have the House of Needles mix will have something of a taster of what happens when we collaborate... Artwork will be by Dave The Chimp, who also created the House of Needles cover.

Waxfactor - Sci Fu
Wax's debut solo album will follow hot on the heels of the Wax/Trick CD, and is shaping up to be a fantastic listen. With artwork by the one and only Project Griff, this is also gonna be one stunning looking package.

Excuse the sketchy details on them all, but we like to keep the best bits for nearer the time of release. Wax's solo album in particular will have quite a lot more to have said about it, heheh...

A Waxfactor full-length is exciting news indeed...

Also! Big new Boomselection update, with some fantastic bootlegs from one DJ Zebra and a cry.on.my.console mashup of Si Begg and..."Hey Mickey." You'll enjoy them if you like that sort of thing.


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